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    16th 16/04/20 09:30

    3 Top Tips for Homeschooling After Easter

    Congratulations on your new job! A teacher! I bet you never thought that you’d be a teacher in 2020, did you? Alas, as the world stands today, parents all over the world have suddenly found...

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    12th 12/03/20 16:42

    Eggs-ploring The World - Easter Classroom Display [Free Download]

    Spring has sprung and Easter is just around the corner which means that two weeks off is too! To pass the time between now and then, why not take a 'crack' at our Easter 'Eggs-ploring The World'...

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    27th 27/02/20 15:45

    Our Diverse Planet – British Science Week: March Classroom Display [Free Download]

    March is the annual host of British Science Week, and this year is no exception. From March 6th to 15th, people up and down Britain will be joining in with this ten-day celebration of science,...

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    11th 11/02/20 12:05

    How to Make a DIY Spinner

    So, you've just received your instant download Spintelligence kit. Or maybe, you're just looking for a quick and easy way to get your class playing spinner based games - but without a propeller...

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    5th 05/02/20 11:41

    A Leap in Time: February Classroom Display [Free Download]

    Finally, January is over and we’re already a few days deep into February. But this February is special – it’s a Leap Year February which means we’ll be seeing one day more of it this year. Why not...

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    3rd 03/01/20 10:01

    Explorers: January Classroom Display [Free Download]

    Winter is here and don't we know it! Barely a day goes by without the wind and the rain getting in our way and although many of us would rather than have lots of beautiful snow, we'd certainly...

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    10th 10/12/19 09:15

    6 Top Tips for the Festive Break

    Two weeks off is on the horizon. Wine, roast potatoes, chocolate oranges… they’re all waiting for you at the end of term. However, navigating two weeks off in the middle of the academic year can...

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    1st 01/12/19 19:00

    Festive Foods: December Classroom Display [Free Download]

    The end of term is just around the corner now, but do you have your seasonal display up and ready to show for it? No? Well, you’re in luck!

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    14th 14/11/19 14:32

    3 Common Pupil Premium Misconceptions (and how you can spend differently)

    What is Pupil Premium?

    Since 2011, the Government has given schools an annual sum of money to improve the attainment and outcomes of disadvantaged children. This funding is called Pupil Premium,...

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    28th 28/10/19 11:43

    7 Halloween Arts & Crafts for the Classroom (no pumpkin carving!)

    Halloween is only a couple of days away, and chances are that your class can’t stop thinking about sweets and costumes.

    Why not channel their excited energy into something creative and sugar-free...

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