So, you received your Rapid Recall Whiteboard sample...

26th 26/07/18 15:30

    The Summer Holidays are here! It’s time to let your hair down and take a break from the classroom, catch up on some well-earned sleep and read that book you’ve been meaning to start all year.

    But hang on, didn’t you just receive a free Rapid Recall Whiteboard in the post? You don’t want to put that in the cupboard and forget about it, we can promise you that.

    Between the naps and the sunshine, here’s how you can be getting excited about the 2018-19 academic year with your Rapid Recall Whiteboard sample.

    Watch our top five ways to use the Rapid Recall Whiteboards videos

    When we first made the Rapid Recall Whiteboards, we had no idea that there would be so many ways to use them. Schools up and down the country have shared their methods with us, and we picked out some of our favourites to share with you. 


     Find out how the Rapid Recall Whiteboards have made a difference in schools just like yours

    It's all well and good to hear that schools love the Rapid Recall boards, but the proof is in the pudding. 

    During the Autumn Term of 2017, 6 local Norfolk Schools took part in a Rapid Recall Research Project. Following the Education Endowment Foundation’s guidelines, the schools piloted the boards to assess whether they could raise confidence and aptitude in number skills. Here’s what the teachers and the students had to say about the boards at the end of the project!

    Read more about the 2017 P
    roject and its incredible results here, and find out how you can be a part of our 2018 Evaluation Project here

    Hear how to use the boards from the experts...

    CPD trainer and Sense of Number member Anthony Reddy uses the Rapid Recall Whiteboards in his training a lot. His approach to the boards is to break them down and use each section to master a new concept. He uses other manipulatives and supporting resources along the way, too. 

    Check out the below videos for how he uses the Year 1 Rapid Recall Whiteboards, and keep an eye out for other year groups coming soon.

    Get kitted out for September!

    No matter if you're an inner city, 3-form entry school, or have classes of 10 in the countryside, we have a pack of Rapid Recall Whiteboards just for you. 

    The boards are available in packs of:

    • 1 Board, 1 Drywipe Pen, 1 Mini Foam Eraser
    • 5 Boards, 5 Drywipe Pens, 5 Mini Foam Erasers
    • 15 Boards, 15 Drywipe Pens, 15 Mini Foam Erasers
    • 30 Boards, 30 Drywipe Pens, 30 Mini Foam erasers
    • Whole School Monster Pack - 180 Boards, 180 Drywipe Pens, 180 Mini Foam Erasers

    Every pack of Rapid Recall Whiteboards also comes with a ton of guidance on how to use and mark the boards effectively, a 100-day test flight so you can return the boards if they're not what you expected, and access to our easy-to-use Online Answers system. 

    Make 2018-19 your best year for maths yet, and get your class mastering number. 

    You can purchase your Rapid Recall Whiteboards on our shop here, pop us an email at,  or check your local educational supplier (including Amazon!). 

    Use Rapid Recall Boards to go to a greater depth with key number facts.