We're all #NumbersPeople

8th 08/05/18 15:30

    You’ve probably heard it before – in fact, you might have even been the one to say it – “I’m not a number person” or “maths isn’t really my thing…”. On May 16th, National Numeracy are holding the first National Numeracy day in an exciting attempt to help us see that deep down, we’re all numbers people.

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    Why do we all need to be numbers people?

    Attitudes towards maths, numbers and numeracy are overall pretty negative. It’s also known however, that poor numeracy skills are affect people’s lives and the economy on a fundamental level.

    Did you know that nearly half of the working-age population have the numeracy skills of a primary school child? That those with poor numeracy are twice as likely to be unemployed?

    Being confident with basic number skills can have a huge impact on many people’s lives, which is why National Numeracy have implemented the National Numeracy Day.


    Why are Propeller involved?

    Propeller make learning resources for primary schools, many of which focus on setting up young people with the essential maths skills for day-to-day life whilst also hitting the key National Curriculum targets to help them succeed in school. We know that it’s not always as simple as that though. A bad experience with maths in school, whether that’s in primary, secondary or further on, can remove all confidence you have in it.


    How can National Numeracy Day make using numbers easier?

    It’s simple! National Numeracy Day is based around the National Numeracy Challenge.

    Essentials of Numeracy

    Step One: Take the numeracy check-up to see how you fare with the everyday maths skills that you need for life and work.

    Step Two: Receive a target! This gives you something to work towards to help you feel more confident and able at maths.

    Step Three: Learn, revise, work towards your target.

    Step Four: Retake the check-up and see what you have learnt!

    Over 140,000 people have already registered with National Numeracy’s learning tool and ¾ of the people who took the test and used the learning resources after improved their score on their next check-up.

    Take the National Numeracy Day Check-Up here


    What else can I do on May 16th to be a part of National Numeracy Day?

    The National Numeracy Day website is packed full of ideas, resources and toolkits for use in work, at home and in schools, as well as for you to post on Social Media. Whether you want a week-long numeracy campaign at work or you want to help enthuse your class about numbers (difficult, but not impossible!) then there are print outs, quizzes, activities and posters that you can use. 

    Want to take it digital? The National Numeracy Challenge isn't the only quiz you can do. Let your colleagues, employees or students find out what kind of number person they are or try out the quick numeracy check


    Propeller are official champions of the National Numeracy Day 2018. To learn more about the day and what it stands for, visit the National Numeracy Day website here. 

    NND Official Champion