Using  PictureProps 'The Café' to celebrate My Money Week

4th 04/06/18 12:32

    A little while ago, we wrote a blog about the 'My Money Week' that’s happening on June 11th to help young people understand the importance of saving and behaving sensibly with finances.

    In the blog, we mentioned how, with young children, one of the best ways to understand money is to ‘play shop’. So, we want to share with you how our PictureProps set 'The Café' can help.

    What are PictureProps?

    PictureProps are sets of versatile resources that can be used in multiple ways in any modern classroom. They’re ideal for all kinds of learning – independent, whole class teaching, role play, intervention and for all other types of hands-on work and play. Each set is produced from heavy-duty, double-sided laminated card that has been specifically designed to be drywipe like a whiteboard. This enables teachers and children to change, or easily differentiate, the concept being explored.

    PC011 Picture Props-The Cafe White BG 2

    The Café set contains 55 laminated cards depicting all kinds of food (though unfortunately you can't eat them....) from fries and burgers to broccoli and beans. Each item of food has a price allocated to it, and an additional version of the item comes with a blank circle, so you can come up with your own prices.

    Every pack comes with an A4 lessons idea booklet helping you to make the most of the props, so here’s a sneak peak of the lesson ideas we have in mind for using The Café PictureProps to celebrate My Money Week.

    Year 2 Maths – Measurement – How Many Ways Can I Pay?

    How Many Ways Can I pay covers the National Curriculum Objective: “Pupils should be taught to find different combinations of coins that equal the same amounts of money.”

    The class will need coins for this activity, as well as the PictureProps. As a group, look at the rice costing 1p. The teacher should ask the children, ‘How many ways can I pay for this food without getting change?’

    The class should agree that, for this item of food, there is only one way to pay – with a 1p coin. The coin should then be laid on top of the rice.

    The teacher should then do the same again, this time with the sausages that cost 2p. On one image of the sausages, students could lay two 1p coins and on the other one just a 2p coin – there are two ways to make 2p.

    The teacher should then challenge the class to look at more ways of using money to create all the other prices on the items such as 5p, 8p, 9p and more. Do the children think that the greater the cost, the more ways there will be the create the amount?

    Extension: What do children think would happen if you continued up to items worth 20p? Can they create some new items for the café that cost between 11 and 20p? Could they just double the number of ways that they have found of making values up to 10p? Why/why not?

    Other activities included in the The Café pack include:

    • 'A Range of Chance' to help students solve simple problems in a practical context
    • 'Pair Them Up' to help pupils represent and use number bonds; and
    • 'Lucky Dip Café' for students to understand how to add and subtract numbers using concrete objects, pictorial representation and mentally, too

    Picture Props The Cafe for My Money Week