3 Common Pupil Premium Misconceptions (and how you can spend differently)

14th 14/11/19 14:32

    What is Pupil Premium?

    Since 2011, the Government has given schools an annual sum of money to improve the attainment and outcomes of disadvantaged children. This funding is called Pupil Premium, and the exact amount depends on the children in the school in any given year.

    Primary schools receive:

    • £1,320 per child who is or ever has been entitled to free school meals
    • £2,300 per child who is or ever has been in care
    • £300 per child recorded as being from a service family

    There's a variety of things that schools traditionally spend this money on. These include intervention, TAs, clubs and additional tuition. However, Pupil Premium isn’t limited to this, and there are some common misconceptions around the funding's capabilities.

    Children Learning 1

    Misconception #1: Pupil Premium Funding must be spent on intervention

    High-quality intervention for a struggling student has been proven to be an effective way of boosting a student’s outcome. That said, resources for intervention are most likely to be effective when supported by improved teaching and reduced barriers to learning.

    Misconception #2: Pupil Premium Funding can and even should be used separately from the whole school strategy

    Although PPF allows schools the space to prioritise the needs of disadvantaged children, these priorities should link to a wider school strategy or goal. This document from the Education Endowment Foundation encourages schools to have Pupil Premium at the heart of a ‘whole school effort’.

    Misconception #3: Pupil Premium Funding can only benefit eligible children

    Schools can spend their PPF in such a way that doesn't limit the impact to just one group of children. Many effective ways of spending the money, such as on increasing the quality of teaching and resources, will benefit the whole school and other students that need extra support.


    So, what does this mean for my school?

    This means that you can be more creative with your Pupil Premium spending. While investing in quality intervention is crucial, quality teaching across the board is just as much so. Invest in your teachers and the rest could very well come naturally. It is important, however, that you monitor and can show the impact that your investments are having.

    Investing in excellent quality resources for the classroom can be huge for both Pupil Premium students and the wider school. Something that allows teachers to reach everyone in the class (while simultaneously saving them time) could be the sweet spot. This is even better if the resource focuses on a wider school target such as a particular subject or approach.

    Can I spend my Pupil Premium Funding on Propeller Resources?

    Propeller's range of resources are suitable as an intervention tool or as whole class method of teaching and learning. With a variety of behind-the-scenes support available for our best selling resources, such as the Rapid Recall Whiteboards, we also believe that they can help improve teaching (as well as save teachers hours of prep and marking time). 

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