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    8th 08/05/18 15:30

    We're all #NumbersPeople

    You’ve probably heard it before – in fact, you might have even been the one to say it – “I’m not a number person” or “maths isn’t really my thing…”. On May 16th, National Numeracy are holding the...

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    12th 12/03/18 12:03

    15 Words and Phrases You Didn’t Know Shakespeare Invented

    The English language has changed a lot since the sixteenth and seventeenth century times of Shakespeare. There are many new words that we use daily that Shakespeare and friends would be befuddled...

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    26th 26/02/18 15:30

    How to Celebrate World Book Day

    Get ready – there are only 3 days until World Book Day 2018! If on March 1st you see wizards, princesses and Willy Wonkas walking towards your local school, you’ll know why.

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    13th 13/02/18 10:21

    Pancake Maths (and Free Downloads!)

    Every year, 47 days before Easter, there comes a special Tuesday: Pancake Day!

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    19th 19/12/17 16:00

    Multiplication Madness

    Everyone has their own way of doing multiplication. Long ways, short ways, cheat ways on a calculator... we all have a favourite way, and any other way can seem daunting. We're no different here...

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    18th 18/12/17 12:23

    How to Take Spinners Further in Your Classroom

    The idea of the 'spinner' is ages old. A quick search on Pinterest gives you tonnes of games and ideas to carry out with a piece of paper and something (anything!) that can spin around and point...
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    1st 01/12/17 14:18

    Helping Your Child with Maths this Christmas

    The Christmas holidays are coming. There’s no fighting it! While teachers are rejoicing at the idea of a couple of weeks off school, we know that this time can be daunting for parents. You want...

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    1st 01/12/17 14:13

    What Does My Child Learn in Primary School?

    Teaching is not always a teacher’s job. As parents, there are a lot of things that we must help our children understand. How to get dressed, how to brush your teeth, how to be polite, how to wash...

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    9th 09/11/17 11:33

    How to be a Part of Anti-Bullying Week 2017

    If you’re on social media, you’ll know that there appears to be a day or a week for just about anything. National Hug-a-Bear Day, International Sloth Day and National Watermelon Day are a few that...

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    1st 01/11/17 07:33

    St Richards RC Teachers on Spinners and Concepts

    St Richards RC is a voluntary aided Primary School in Manchester. Teachers Andrea and John from St Richards have invested in the Propeller Maths Spinners and Cracking Concepts for their students.

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