National Numeracy Day 2019

14th 14/05/19 10:35

    For the second year in a row, Propeller are pleased to be supporting National Numeracy Day and to be spreading the message that deep down we’re all numbers people. This year’s day is on May 15th and is all about helping people of all ages have the essential number skills for everyday life.

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    Last year, over 25,000 people stared their journey towards better numeracy skills by taking National Numeracy’s online check. The check looks at how you fare with everyday mathematical conundrums and sends you on your way with targets for improvement. Once you’ve completed the check, National Numeracy’s portal also give you access to resources you can use to learn and build your confidence too.

    Why do we need Numeracy Skills?

    • Nearly half the working-age population have the numeracy skills of a primary school student
    • Those with poor numeracy are more than twice as likely to be unemployed
    • The average cost to individuals with poor number skills is £460 a year
    • Estimates indicate that poor numeracy costs the UK economy £20.2 billion each year
    • Low numeracy levels cost UK employers £3.2 billion each year

    How can I get involved with National Numeracy Day 2019?

    You can take the National Numeracy Challenge online today by clicking here, or you can host an event to celebrate numeracy in your community, workplace or school.

    If you’re thinking that it’s too late to get involved now, or you’re worried that it’s just too much on top of SATs, don’t worry! National Numeracy have released loads of downloadable resources that you can use year-round to help build number skills.

    You can download a ZIP file of National Numeracy created downloads suitable for use by children and families by clicking here.

    Why not set up an after-school students teach parents Maths session for post-SATs and use some of the games and activities available in the ZIP file above?

    National Numeracy Day 2019 is supported by big-name ambassadors such as Rachel Riley, Martin Lewis and Bobby Seagull as well as a number of companies including Propeller, Amazon, Local Councils and more.