Making your Mini Whiteboards Last Longer

26th 26/09/18 14:21

    If you’re a teacher, the chances are that your school has spent a decent amount of money on all kinds of mini whiteboards. After all, there are so many choices – plain ones, lined ones, gridded ones, ones pre-printed with skeletons…

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    It’s also pretty likely that if you’ve used them in your classroom, you’ll know that they can get pretty tired pretty quickly, and not every school has the budget to replace their boards every few months.

    To give you, your school’s budget, and your whiteboards a hand, we’ve pulled together a quick guide on how to keep your mini whiteboards looking new, clean, and ready to use. 

    Always buy Good Quality Boards…

    It’s easy to go for the budget options when you’re trying to save some money, but cheaper whiteboards often use laminate with a short lifespan and poor erasability. It’s worth spending a bit more for a board that’ll clean and last – check previous customers’ reviews!

    …and Good Quality Pens!

    Whiteboard pens aren’t there to stain your boards, they should be easy to remove and smooth to write with. You’ll be able to tell the difference between good and bad quickly.

    Use your Eraser Correctly

    There are lots of choices for erasers – small, large, no handle, wooden handle, magnetic… most do a great job, but we recommend erasers with a soft foam or felt surface. To get the best clean, you should only press lightly on the ink to erase.

    Pressing down on the board with a lot of pressure will cause damage to the board. Sometimes the damage isn’t visible, but ink will pool in dents and scratches and be tough (if not impossible!) to remove.

    If possible, try not to leave ink on your boards for too long either. Taking time once a day to give the boards a proper clean will keep them lasting longer. 

    How to Bring your Whiteboards Back to Life…

    After a while, it’s normal for your mini whiteboards to be dirty and covered in marks from previous work (known as ghosting) and it’s easy to think that, at that point, it’s time to replace your boards. Whiteboard cleaners and conditioners, however, can quickly bring your boards back to life without needing to spend too much.

    It’s important that you don’t use a normal household bleach or surface cleaner, as they may damage the laminate and dramatically reduce the lifespan of your boards. Instead, we recommend you use a quality cleaner and conditioner like Show-me MAGIX, which removes ink quickly and easily, and leaves a silky coat that makes the boards smoother to write on and erase next time.

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    …and Remove Permanent Marker

    Permanent markers don’t always mean the end of the road for your whiteboards. Quality cleaners like Show-me MAGIX will make light work of permanent ink and will make your drywipe surfaces as good as new.

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