Helping Your Child with Maths this Christmas

1st 01/12/17 14:18

    The Christmas holidays are coming. There’s no fighting it! While teachers are rejoicing at the idea of a couple of weeks off school, we know that this time can be daunting for parents. You want your children to have fun and be a part of the festivities, but you don’t want their education to disappear completely for two weeks, do you? You might be wondering then, what is my child learning at school and how can I support them over Christmas? Don't worry. We’ve got you covered.

    Your children are learning a lot at school. Not only are they taking lessons in English, Maths and Science, but the National Curriculum requires that they learn Computing, Art, History, Geography, Music and more all the way through Primary School. It's hard to cover all of these in the two weeks of Christmas, especially when there's so much food around and so many presents to open, so we're here to help you get to grips with Maths and how to bring home Maths this Christmas.


    At Propeller, we’re real fans of maths, and we pride ourselves on our knowledge of it. When it comes to maths, every year group has a set of ‘requirements’ that their teaching must meet. For example, in year one, pupils must learn the following topics:

    • Number: Number and Place Value
    • Number: Addition and Subtraction
    • Number: Multiplication and Division
    • Fractions
    • Measurements
    • Geometry: Properties of Shapes
    • Geometry: Position and Direction

    Often, it’s the headings that cover ‘number’ that receive the greatest amount of teaching time. Number topics are the basics of primary maths. They set up foundations for using numbers throughout our lives. Unfortunately, understanding how these topics are taught in schools can be hard for parents, especially when you fall in to the trap of 'but I hated maths in school!' so here are a few tips, tricks, do's and don'ts for helping your child with maths this festive season.


    Tips, Tricks, Do's and Don'ts

    Do remind your child that anyone can be good at maths. Did you know that when Einstein was nine, his teacher told his dad that he'd never succeed in any career?

    Don't be negative, though! Try not to say things infront of your kid(s) like I hated maths and I've never been very good at... Your child doesn't just learn from their teachers - they pick a lot up from you too! Don't let them fall into the negative trap.

    Try pointing out everyday maths. Christmas is full of mathematical challenges. Can you keep to a shopping budget? Can you balance all of the cooking times? Do you have enough wrapping paper? Make little festive tasks into maths challenges and games. It'll make maths real and, hopefully, fun!

    Don't be afraid to ask for help yourself. If you can't tackle a maths problem, show that it's okay to not know everything and that it's okay to ask someone else. Even better, if you can ask your child's teacher for help, do it! Every school has a 'calculation policy' that outlines the methods that teachers should be encouraging students to use in class. The better you know these, the better you can help your child learn in the most relevant ways.

    Invest in your child's education. Are you still struggling to find those last couple of Christmas presents? Well, we've got you covered there too. There are hundreds of great products on the market for teaching maths. For example, our handy Rapid Recall Whiteboards.


    Rapid Recall Whiteboards

    The Rapid Recall Whiteboards cover the key ‘number’ requirements for each year group on boards that cover years 1 through 6. They allow your child to master elements of maths that they face everyday in school, and allow you to get an insight into their maths that your child encounters and how they go about finding solutions. The boards are super easy to use...

    How to use the Rapid Recall Board to help your child with maths this christmas

    And if your child makes a mistake, they can simply wipe it away from the drywipe surface. One board can provide hours upon hours of mathematics and is great for improving memory, fluency and recall skills.

    You can chose from individual boards for each year group...

    Rapid Recall Whiteboards help you bring home maths this Christmas

    Or a pack of 6 boards that covers topics from Year 1 through to Year 6 so your child can pick and choose their strong points and weak points, and you can learn them too.

    Whatever the pack size, you'll receive drywipe pens and mini foam erasers with the whiteboards, and a jam-packed packed leaflet full of games, info and extra useful links. We won't leave you in the dark!