How to Take Spinners Further in Your Classroom

18th 18/12/17 12:23
    The idea of the 'spinner' is ages old. A quick search on Pinterest gives you tonnes of games and ideas to carry out with a piece of paper and something (anything!) that can spin around and point at a subject. More and more so, these subjects are educational, and spinners are becoming common place in the classroom. We think our Spintelligence kits are great, but what we love even more than those, is seeing what children in classroom can create with the 'Spintelligence' ideas. We went on a trip to St Richard's RC Primary School in Manchester to see what games they had made with their very own spinners.

    Get Rich Quick

    Created by Kevin, Fazil and Simon, Get Rich Quick is a competitive Spinner Game to see who can win the most 'dollars' and, well, get rich quick! Each section of the spinner has a challenge in it. You can make your challenges or questions as easy or as hard as you'd like. Team KFS (that's their team name) picked some tricky algebra questions and some percentage brainteasers. For example, x multiplied by x = x (give two possible answers.) Everyone who's playing has to try and answer, but it's the person who answers first (and correctly!) that wins a 'dollar'. Whoever has the most 'dollars' at the end of the game is the winner!

    Rolling Forest

    Rolling Forest is a maths based spinner game for 2-5 players. Answer the maths questions for a chance to spin, but remember, no looking at the answers before hand! The spinner should have a picture on it - the girls at St Richard's used a Baloo from The Jungle Book. If your spinner lands on Baloo you get the jackpot - 100 points! Otherwise, each section of the spinner should have a colour assigned to it. If you land on a blue section you earn 2 points.  Land on a green section to earn 6 points. Land on a yellow section to earn 10 points. It's as easy as whoever has the most points, wins! The girl's advice is just to try your hardest - it's just a maths game!

    Target Attack

    Team KFS were at it again with the great Spinner games. The one rule of Target Attack is that you get 3 chances to 'hit the target' and score as many points as possible! Here's a step by step play:

    1. Spin the spinner and land on a question
    2. Answer that question by hitting the answer on the target
    3. A correct hit gives you as many points as the answer is, and the winner is the one with the most points at the end of the game!
    Warning: Fail to hit your correct answer in your 3 chances, and you'll have those points deducted from your total! The boys used a target board on the wall and threw balls at it. You can use something similar, use a dart board, or even create a floor target and use bean bags.

    We loved the games that the St Richard's students created using the spinner ideas.

    You can use any of these games on our Spintelligence templates that are included in every spinner pack that we sell. Every pack contains 2 of 12 premade games, 24 blank templates, and four colourful spinners for you to use too. Our kits cover subjects from Maths and English, to French, History and Geography.