Festive Foods: December Classroom Display [Free Download]

1st 01/12/19 19:00

    The end of term is just around the corner now, but do you have your seasonal display up and ready to show for it? No? Well, you’re in luck!

    Propeller will be creating a new timely and relevant display to share with you every month, with everything you need to replicate it available to download free of charge

    To get ready for the party season, we’ve themed our December display around festive foods. In fact, the whole display is mounted around a giant Christmas Pudding! Included activities are ‘Talk for Writing’ instructional writing activities, box nets and 3D shapes, and research using ICT.

    The full contents of this month's display download is...

    • Full-colour heading
    • Full-colour border
    • Model texts for instructional writing (x2)
    • Full-colour plain and lined festive backgrounds for writing on
    • Instructional writing feature labels
    • ICT research activity examples (x4)
    • Lots of full-colour subheadings for individual activities
    • Example box nets for creating paper 3D cubes
    • Instructions on how to make a giant (paper) Christmas Pudding!

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    Or see and read more about the display below...

    The Display

    English: Festive Foods Instructional Writing

    Talk for Writing is a very popular approach to primary English, and the festive season provides a wealth of opportunities for writing in different formats, but we picked instructional writing to give children a purpose for their festive crafts.

    Using the model texts ‘How to build a Paper Candle’ and ‘How to create a Mince Pie’, pupils get the opportunity to both follow the instructions (to make a beautiful paper candle border on your display!) and to consider how they are effective before they create their own.

    Asking children to write their own instructions on a topic that is close to their hearts (perhaps how to build snowman?) means that they are instantly clear on what to do and can concentration adding key features into their writing. The download pack includes key written features for you to add around displayed pieces of work.

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    Maths: Festive Box Nets and 3D Shapes

    Since the introduction of the new curriculum in 2014, geometry has taken a firm back seat to Number and Calculation. This time of year, however, is great for getting pupils involved with box nets and 3D shapes.

    Children often find it tricky to visualise moving from a flat next to a 3D shape, so the more practice they can have in constructing and building, the better. This may initially take the form of constructing pre-prepared nets, to finally designing their own boxes to fulfil a given criteria, such as a box to hold a mince pie!

    You can then turn it into an investigation – what happens if we increase the radius of the circle (or mince pie!) that the box is holding? How can we use our knowledge of circles, measurement, calculation and shape to solve this? This should help children understand that there are many paths to a solution.

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    ICT: Researching Festive Traditions

    We often take our end-of-year traditions for granted, so this is a great time to use the internet to help children understand why we do the things that we do at certain times of the year. This will help them understand their culture and the evolution of traditions over time too.

    As teacher, you could set the class a question or a topic to research, and the class could brainstorm what they would like to find out before allocating research groups.

    With coding taking prominence in primary ICT curriculum, this project can aid children’ ICT presentation skills using programs such as PowerPoint and Publisher.

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