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    14th 14/11/18 10:52

    Hope Africa |  Mempha and Matindi Primary Schools

    Hope Africa is an international Christian charity that was set up in 2004 with a mandate to bring hope and empower the people of Africa, as well as to put an end to systematic poverty. 

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    28th 28/09/18 09:00

    6 Types of Poem to Write on National Poetry Day

    Since 1994, National Poetry Day has engaged everyday people with poetry through all kinds of live and virtual events up and down the country. Every year, the poetry is so vast and exciting, that...

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    26th 26/09/18 14:21

    Making your Mini Whiteboards Last Longer

    If you’re a teacher, the chances are that your school has spent a decent amount of money on all kinds of mini whiteboards. After all, there are so many choices – plain ones, lined ones, gridded...

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    9th 09/08/18 11:15

    9 Ideas for your Classroom Book Nook

    On the 9th of August every year, people all over celebrate Book Lovers Day – an unofficial holiday that encourages people to pick up a book (or two... or three…) and remember the joys of reading.  

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    26th 26/07/18 15:30

    So, you received your Rapid Recall Whiteboard sample...

    The Summer Holidays are here! It’s time to let your hair down and take a break from the classroom, catch up on some well-earned sleep and read that book you’ve been meaning to start all year.

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    30th 30/06/18 08:00

    Why do we need to learn Times Tables?

    In 2020, a new Year 4 Times Tables/Multiplication check will be introduced in the summer term. This will formally assess whether children know their times tables up to 12 x 12. The children's...

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    4th 04/06/18 12:32

    Using  PictureProps 'The Café' to celebrate My Money Week

    A little while ago, we wrote a blog about the 'My Money Week' that’s happening on June 11th to help young people understand the importance of saving and behaving sensibly with finances.

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    8th 08/05/18 15:30

    We're all #NumbersPeople

    You’ve probably heard it before – in fact, you might have even been the one to say it – “I’m not a number person” or “maths isn’t really my thing…”. On May 16th, National Numeracy are holding the...

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    12th 12/03/18 12:03

    15 Words and Phrases You Didn’t Know Shakespeare Invented

    The English language has changed a lot since the sixteenth and seventeenth century times of Shakespeare. There are many new words that we use daily that Shakespeare and friends would be befuddled...

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    26th 26/02/18 15:30

    How to Celebrate World Book Day

    Get ready – there are only 3 days until World Book Day 2018! If on March 1st you see wizards, princesses and Willy Wonkas walking towards your local school, you’ll know why.

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