6 Top Tips for the Festive Break

10th 10/12/19 09:15

    Two weeks off is on the horizon. Wine, roast potatoes, chocolate oranges… they’re all waiting for you at the end of term. However, navigating two weeks off in the middle of the academic year can be a minefield, so here are our top tips for really relaxing and enjoying your holiday.

    1. Sleep in!

    It’s easy to feel guilty about doing nothing, especially when you aren’t used to it, but you’ve just spent 3 months nurturing the future of the planet with not a lot of down time between lessons, days and even weeks. Turn your alarms off, commit a day to doing absolutely nothing, and enjoy every second of it.

    2. Spent time with your non-work family and friends

    When you see the same people day in day out, it’s easy to start considering them your second family. This time of the year, however, is about your first family. Make sure you see the people you’ve been missing before you see the people you’ll be spending every day with in the New Year.

    Friends Family

    3. Put the books away

    It might be tempting to catch up with marking, prepping and a whole host of other admin tasks, but at least wait until the big holiday days have passed. Lock all the books in the cupboard under the stairs or, even better, don’t bring them home at all.

    4. Start a school swear jar

    It’s no surprise that spending so much time in school makes your personality, well, a little bit school shaped. If having to cough up a little money every time you start talking about or acting like you’re at work makes you stop, then so be it. Plus, at the end of the holidays, you might be able to treat yourself to something nice in the sales (or another Chocolate Orange!)

    5. Absolutely, categorically, no emails!

    There’s always going to be the one member of staff that won’t turn off over the holidays. They’ll be asking did so and so complete this?, did so and so start planning that?, and did so and so say something about something about something? Those emails will still be there in January when everyone’s ready to deal with them, not just the one school humbug.

    Emails Photo

    6. Embrace the festivities

    Ultimately, don’t hold back. If you want to get dressed up, if you want to dress down, if you want to eat an extra mince pie – go on, you deserve it. Enjoy every minute, because it’ll pass in a blink of an eye.


    Propeller will be closed for the festive holidays from December 24th 2019 through to January 2nd 2020. You can still send emails to info@propeller.education - one of the team will get back to you in the new year.


    Have a brilliant break and a wonderful New Year!